sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

Metro: "um desastre" [no desktop]

Microsoft Windows 8: Mostly A Crap Wreck (Phoronix)

Now onto the big end-user change for Windows 8: the Metro UI. Up to trying it out myself, I heard mixed views about Metro on Windows 8 but overall most comments seemed to be positive. After trying it out though, for Windows 8 on the desktop I see Metro as an absolute shit wreck. Metro may work very well for phones and tablets and game consoles, but for the desktop I see it as a disaster. Metro really isn't intuitive for the desktop, is complicated and very confusing after the common Windows desktop workflow since Windows 95, and overall makes Canonical's original Unity desktop environment seem better than Metro. I would take Ubuntu's Unity or the GNOME Shell any day over Windows 8 with Metro.

Pelo menos não estou sozinho nesse barco...

Windows 8 Developer Preview
Nem perderei tempo com o Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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